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3 Ways to Feel God’s Grace and Renewal this Easter Season

3 Ways to Feel God’s Grace and Renewal this Easter Season

Easter week is a special time for us all. Spring flowers, Easter Vigil and warming temperatures mean new beginnings. During this spring season let’s let go of shame, guilt and feelings of inadequacy. God is working in you and through you and feeling stuck by your past, your feelings of not enough-ness and doubt are keeping you feeling stuck and hopeless.

This week on the podcast we hear from Candice Frazier. Candice is a Certified Master Transformation Health & Life and Mindset Coach, former Certified Medical Assistant, an Air Force Veteran, poet, author and speaker. She has overcome the adversity of childhood abuse & trauma, and is a 2x suicide survivor.

Her book Namaste Away and THRIVE: Release Negative Influences and Love Yourself includes the tools she used to help her recover from past traumas, heal and THRIVE. Her poetic approach to alchemizing trauma and negative influences will inspire you to unconditionally love yourself and let go of negative influences from people, things, habits and beliefs. To listen to the whole episode click HERE.

3 Ways to Feel God’s Grace this Easter Season

1. Spring clean your life, what thing are no longer serving you? Or serving God’s plan for your life.

Maybe this is people, things, commitments, etc. We need to clear out the old to make room for growth. God is trying to help us get to the point where we can bear more fruit. Sometimes, we get in our own way and stop his good works. Let’s clear the way of this.

In John 15:2 Jesus says, “Every branch in me that does not bear fruit, he takes away and every branch that continue to bear fruit he prunes so that it be bring forth more fruit.

We need to clear the way for Him to work with us and through us. Spring clean the things that keep you from growing.

2. Spend time with him.

Carve out a few minutes of every day to spend with Him. Maybe you read your Bible, pray, listen to a podcast about faith, or do something of service but every single day, do something that brings you closer to Him. This itself with start to change things within you. It will strengthen your faith and help you in so many ways.

3. Remind yourself of the good within you

Candice says that we have to remind ourselves of the good within us. We are light and love but sometimes we feel terrible about ourselves. During these times of low vibration, it’s easy to forget that we are filled with the love and the light of God. If we can start to pray, sing, dance, or remind ourselves of this in some way then our vibration raises and we feel better all around.

I like to say affirmations to help myself with this. Every morning I say, I am love and light and I bring Glory to the Lord every day.

Easter season is a time for hope, grace, love and renewal. Don’t let yourself, things or busyness get in the way of that.

Need a little freebie to help you remember? Download the 3 Ways to Cling to Faith in Hard Times HERE.

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