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4 Steps to Sustain Change and How Motivation Effects It All

4 Steps to Sustain Change and How Motivation Effects It All

As we head into the new year, and our motivation wains, but our new habits should be holding us strong. At least that is the idea, right?

They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit but after that, what steps sustain long term change?

This week, on the podcast we talk with Jenn Espinosa-Goswami about 4 steps to sustain change and how motivation effects it all.

Jenn Espinosa-Goswami is a human potential expert and holistic coach at Weightless LLC. A long-time member of the 100 pound club, (she lost over 100 pounds, 20 years ago!), she is also a marathon runner who has been featured on Women's Health, Reader's Digest, Prevention, Spry Living and many national media sources.

Oh, and she is also a normal person who is mom to two beautiful daughters, and will do anything for a tasty taco. (lol same girl!)

Listen to the entire episode HERE.

Jenn is part of a long-term weight loss study that focus’ on long term change and actually keeping the weight off, which if you are like me. . . can be as hard as actually losing it to begin with.

She teaches us 4 Steps to make positive change (for your weight, your health, your goals, money or any other area of your life)

1. Awareness

In January trackers, Apps, Fitbits and all kinds of gadgets come out that help us to be more aware. Awareness of our current state is the jumping off point. Then from here, we make sense of those numbers and set goals to improve it.

Keep in mind, the number on the scale is not as important as we think. Jenn points out that our fitness and wellness goals should be more than just loosing a certain number of pounds. She says drinking your water, lifting a certain amount of weight, working out a certain number of days per week, eating your fruits and veggies, feeling energized, sleeping enough and mileage goals are a better way to start the new year.

Getting enough water can be tough, the consistency and plain ole remembering to do it can be an uphill battle. One thing that will really help is the Water Tracker Worksheet. It shows you how to never forget to drink your water again, plus if you get bored of the taste, it gives you some fun ideas to mix it up. Download the free guide HERE.

It got me thinking that I feel really discouraged and downright bad about myself when I don’t reach my goals. So, if my goals are less about a number and more about participating, being consistent, and doing the action then I can both reach my goals and feel good about it even if the number on the scales doesn’t reflect it. Who cares about that anyway!

2. Get clear on your why