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What is Hypnotherapy and How to use the Subconscious Mind to Achieve Your Best Life

Kirsten Bloomquist- What is Hypnotherapy and How to use the Subconscious Mind to Achieve Your Best Life

Do you ever see or hear something three times in a row and consider it a sign? That has been happening to me lately with hypnotherapy.

I was in a coaching call with my coach talking about limiting beliefs and improving my mindset when I realized, the only thing holding me back, is me! This led into a deeper conversation about inner work and accessing our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is developed by the time we reach age 7 and determines how we filter, interpret and perceive the world around us. It determines our self-worth, self-image, confidence, inner voice, and in general how we feel the majority of the time. Mine needs some work and I am willing to bet that is the case for most of us.

I am reading the book Power Now, The Art of Getting What You Want, How to Master Your Mind & Love Your Life and I had the author Kirsten Bloomquist on the podcast this week. To listen to the whole episode, click HERE.

Kirsten Bloomquist helps people rewire their minds to get what they really want: more happiness, confidence and success with hypnotherapy. Kirsten is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach and Author of the book, "POWER NOW: The Art of Getting What You Want.” Her past clients include professional athletes, doctors, celebrity figures, business teams and the mega wealthy.

Kirsten explains that hypnotherapy is sort of like meditation where you get yourself into a quiet place and dive deep into your innermost thoughts, fears, reasoning. This is called going into a deeper trance. She explains that we are always in some level of trance. When we are watching tv, get lost in a good book or scrolling on social media. Have you ever driven somewhere and you don’t really remember how we got there? You stopped at all the light, followed traffic laws but you can’t really remember anything about the drive. This is a level of trance.

Accessing our subconscious mind has led me to change the way that I think about self-sabotage specifically. I used to think that I was just really scatterbrained and that led me to get distracted easily. Now, I know the specific reason behind this.

After creating a mantra to help me override that narrative I was telling myself I began to pay close attention to my self-talk. What Kirsten taught me, is that if we can dive deep into our memories and the story that we tell ourselves about that memory, then we can reprogram it from the bottom up. This is essentially more effective because it addresses the root of the problem.

Since reading Power Now and talking with Kirsten, I have had three major mindset shifts.

1. My biggest break through is the simple understanding that our subconscious is fluid. We can change it, we can adapt, overcome and ultimately become the person we want to be.

2. Our subconscious mind controls 95% of our brain. This determines our habits, beliefs, routines, morals, and perhaps most limiting, our fears. If we can take back that control then we have the power to break through those things that keep us living safe.

3. Our mind body connection is so strong that a tiny thought can elicit a physiological response right down to our cells. Dr. Lois Nahirney is the founder of DNA Power. In Kirsten’s book, she explains that we cannot change our DNA, but we can change how it is expressed, or our epigenetics. This can be done by changing our attitude, health, sleep, diet, toxins, etc. This can ultimately decrease our chances for certain diseases, disorders, and illnesses. This is ultimately a conscious choice that you have to make.

The moral of the story is, don’t live your life on autopilot, take back the control and live the life you want to live.

Want to learn more? Kirsten has some amazing tools and resources on her website. Many of these are free and provide a jumping off point for starting to change our subconscious mind.

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