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Journal Prompts:For the Big Changes and Big Decisions

Life is scary and crazy and awesome all at the same time

Sometimes we need to get things out, journal it through and see the whole picture

These journal prompts will show you exactly what to do

Stress can ruin farming: fight farm stress with these 10 habits 

Pain Tools

6 Favorite Massage Tools for Pain Relief

These the best at home gadgets for sore muscles, aches and pain relief

Conquer Your Pain

11 Smart Habits

-Have less aches, pain, stiffness and soreness

-and live a better life

How to Relieve Tension Video Training 

Relieve tension in your muscles, body and mind

Ultimate Guide to Stretching

-Sleep Better

-Ease Soreness

-Relax your body

Stress Tools

Stop Drowning in Stress, Stop the Spiral

Stop stress in its tracks

Stop a meltdown or a blowout with these tools

How-to Create a Killer Morning Routine

Tackle the day

Feel accomplished and productive

Get Traction in a Crisis

-Regain control

-Feel on top of it

How-To Daily Gratitude Practice 

Be peaceful, more patient and even rewired your brain for happiness

Health and Wellness Tools

Water Worksheet

& Video

-How to get your water

-Spice up your flavors

-Water Tracker worksheet

Office Set-Up Checklist: Ergonomics


pain, headaches and eye strain

How to Achieve Goals  Get Back On Track

Goal setting

Gain traction

Recover when you fail

Beginners Guide to Wellness

Crowd out bad habits and incorporate healthy new ones the easy way

Cultivate Balance

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