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10 Ways to Stay Well This Winter

The Michigan Winter is long and hard. We have decreased sunlight, activity and feelings of well-being which contribute to the fact that most people get sick over these chilly winter months.

We all know we should wash our hands and disinfect our doorknobs regularly but there is more to staying well than just avoiding the flu. Our bodies have a whole defense system set up to fend off flu germs but there are many ways to strengthen our immune system. These will decrease our chance of getting sick and increase our overall wellness.

10 Ways to Stay Well This Winter

1) Eat a balanced diet including at least eight glasses of water per day and get 150 minutes of exercise per week

2) Take your vitamins- We always recommend Nutrilite Vitamins

3) Get out when the sun’s out

4) Find a new hobby

5) Be social throughout the winter

6) Read some good books or magazines- don’t just watch tv all day

7) Clear the clutter

8) Go green- get a plant

9) Appreciate the beauty of the crisp air and the fresh snow

10) Turn the lights on, open the curtains and maybe even get a Happy Light!

These things can help us to stay well this winter but how does it all really work?

A healthy body is like a well-oiled machine. As long as we care for ourselves then the body can ward off most viruses. A flu causing virus searches for a dehydrated or weak cell to be its host. Then the flu virus multiplies and boom you are ill. If we keep our bodies well hydrated and well fed, with adequate vitamins and minerals then our bodies will protect our cells thus decreasing our chances of getting sick.

Vitamins and minerals do a great job at making sure things run smoothly in our body. Each vitamin and mineral perform different jobs and we need to get adequate amounts of all. A multivitamin is a great way to provide this for ourselves. I always recommend Nutrilite. I will go into dept on why I recommend Nutrilite in a different article.

Let’s ensure we are getting enough vitamin D specifically. So, when the sun is out we need to get out and enjoy it. We can do things like bundle up and go for a walk or just sit by the window and soak in the sun.

Make sure that we are staying social. By getting a new hobby and staying in contact with friends and family we can maintain healthy relationships which keep us happier.

Find some good reads, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction reading encourages us to use our imagination and stretch our mind and emotions. If you are not a big reader try to pick something interesting to you, try a book on tape or a magazine. Personally, I love a good mystery but try something that you like.

Winter is a great time to clean house. Keeping random things that we are afraid to throw away is a good way to feel trapped. So, clear the clutter and make your home feel comfortable. Sometimes this is hard because nobody likes to throw things away but it’s necessary. We all need to clean house every once in a while. I always wait until I get in a cleaning mood and it makes it easier to pitch the extra stuff.

Going to a greenhouse is one of my favorite things to do. I know, it seems weird. Greenhouses have warmth, humidity, and fresh oxygen. Plus plants not only add a great look to our décor but they clean our air and provide fresh oxygen every day. They help us to feel like the world is not so brown and dead out there. I have a Lily that I love, it is green and purple and the colors make my house look brighter. I challenge you to get a fun and colorful plant!

Part of staying well throughout the winter is just a change in your mindset that will take you from dreading it to enjoying it. I know this is easier said than done. I try to find a childlike sense of wonder. Remember what it was like to have a snow day? I think about how lucky we are to have four distinct seasons. And how nice it is to curl up with a blanket and enjoy the crisp white beauty that surrounds me.

Lastly the decrease in sunlight affects some people more than others. We came back to that vitamin D topic because it is so important. Especially in northern climates, the lack of sunlight is the hardest part of winter. From chronic pain to dry skin to depression our whole body suffers from lack of vitamin D. Let’s open up the curtains and turn on the lights to make the days feel longer.

There are also products out there that help people to increase their vitamin D levels. Have you ever heard of a Happy Light? It’s a light that helps your body to produce vitamin D. They call it a happy light because the vitamin D actually makes people feel happier.

All of these things will help us to stay well this winter. If you have questions feel free to leave them below and I will respond in next week's post


Make today wonderful

-Sarah Z

Created by Sarah Zastrow -Bay Area Wellness

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