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5 Biggest Goat Yoga Myths and Why You Should Try it ASAP

5 Biggest Goat Yoga Myths and Why You Should Try it ASAP

Several years ago, I attended my first Goat Yoga class and I fell in love. It was one of those days that you put on your highlight reel. I could not stop talking about. Perhaps most importantly, it was a day that changed me from a boring yoga instructor to the host of a truly awesome event.

I’m not being dramatic here I promise you. After my first goat yoga class I called my friend Sara Reisinger. Sara’s family owns Leaman’s Green Applebarn in Freeland, MI. They have goats and a place to host classes. I was already a yoga teacher so I thought perfect! Goat Yoga is coming to the Great Lakes Bay Region of Mid-Michigan.

This week on the podcast we have my best friend and Goat Yoga co-conspirator Sara Resinger. We talk all about Goat Yoga, sometimes called “GOGA” and all of our favorite Goat Yoga memories over the past four years.

What is Goat Yoga? It’s where you do yoga, a gentle yoga flow usually, in a pen with goats and the baby goats run around, play and snuggle.

Why do people do Goat Yoga? People do Goat Yoga because it’s incredibly fun. The goats have this sort of awkward wonder about them and that energy spreads throughout the class. It’s the kind of event where your abs will be more sore from laughing than exercise.

We also discuss the 5 Biggest Myths about Goat Yoga, to listen episode # 66 of the Cultivate with Sarah Zastrow Podcast click HERE.

1. Myth # 1: The goat will poop on you. This is actually false! It is often people’s primary concern, will I get pooped on, if I attend Goat Yoga? The answer is most likely NO. We have had over 1000 people in Goat Yoga and not one person has gotten pooped on. Occasionally a goat will poop or pee on someone’s mat but we have an amazing clean-up crew that helps keep things clean and sanitary.

2. Myth # 2 The Yoga portion of Goat Yoga is hard. . .or The yoga portion of Goat yoga is too easy. Don’t worry, the yoga portion of goat yoga is offered at a variety of levels. As the instructor, I will offer modifications by saying things like “hold this position or sink lower into your seat to crank up the intensity”. On the other hand, I also will say things like “If you are here for the goats and not so keen on the yoga, feel free to do shallow squats and adjust this position here”. As for the yoga itself, although you may be distracted by the goats, the yoga practice is yours, feel free to make adjustments as directed to make the yoga more difficult for experienced yogi’s or feel free to take it easy and snuggle as many goats as possible.

3. Myth #3: It’s not for beginners. Fact: It is for beginners; all levels are welcome. We don’t use the ancient yoga language Sanskrit or do any crazy complicated yoga moves. Goat Yoga is great for beginners and experience levels of all kind.

4. Myth #4: Goats are scary, they bite and headbutt. Although this is true for many goats, some of our goat are bottle babies and some are born right on Leaman’s farm. They often participate in petting zoo’s, goat yoga, and even reading with kids. This makes them super friendly because they grow up around people and are used to snuggles and selfies.

During Goat Yoga, will the goats jump on you? This is a common question. There are some poses such as all fours when you are on your hands and knees where the goats may jump on you. They have a very specific and telling look before they hop onto your back. When this happens if you don’t want a goat to jump on you, you simply sit up. I always announce this so that everyone knows.

On the flip side, if you want a goat on your back, you can ask one of the goat yoga staff members to help place to goat safely on your back. They may stay for a while or jump off right away but either way, it’s the perfect photo opportunity.

5. Myth # 5: You have to do yoga the whole time. Often times people ask, what if I get distracted and lose track or fall behind the instructor? No worries. I understand the goats are distracting. If you lose your place or want to stop and pick up a goat that’s A-Okay with us. Simply join back in when you are ready.

Another question people often ask is: Can I talk? Yoga is traditionally a quiet practice but what if I want to talk or laugh, or take a picture. In Goat Yoga all bets are off. You can talk, giggle, laugh, toot, laugh some more, ask questions, take pictures, and most of all have a great time.

So how do you register for a Goat Yoga Class? Find all the dates and register for Goat Yoga at There are openings available all summer long. Fall dates will be released in August.

Want to schedule a private Goat Yoga class for a birthday party, office retreat, bachelorette party or any other occasion? Email Sarah at

Leaman’s Green Applebarn is one of the best things to do in Michigan! They have fun events like Goat Yoga, Sunflower Fest, A Fall Craft Show, Santa Night, U-Pick Apples, a Corn Maze, Hay Ride, Educational Lane and so much more. If you are planning a trip to Michigan this fall, Leaman's is a must.

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