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5 Tips to Relieve a Stiff Neck, Tight Shoulders, and Even Headaches

How do you relieve a stiffness, soreness, and tension headaches?

The following are our best tips to help you to feel better.

1. Move 20 seconds every 20 minutes-stretch, re-position, and move your body.

2. When you get home stretch all major muscles groups.

3. Unwind- start with an ear to shoulder stretch, then allow your chin to fall to your chest. From here simply move however you feel your body pull you.

4. Massage it out.

5. Check your posture-reset it with leg's up the wall.

Our muscles tighten up so that our bodies can support our head while we fight gravity. This, plus stress and siting too much causes tension in our upper back, neck, and shoulders. It can even travel up our neck into our head causing a tension headache.

By moving more, stretching our muscles, unwinding our fascia and correcting our posture, we can lessen the strain that we feel and even relieve pain and soreness.

Make today wonderful ~Sarah Z

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