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3 Smart Tips to Accomplishing More All While Having Less Stress

Stress and overwhelm seem to overtake our lives and the more we put on our plate the more overwhelmed we feel. How do you actually get things done in the midst of your enormous to-do list and ever changing responsibilities?

This week's video is all about 7 tips to accomplish more with all while having less stress through the process.

There are a ton of ways to do this, but these are what keep me personally on track. It helps me to feel less mentally cluttered, less stress and overwhelm.

1. a. Get a notebook (you can do this with an actual physical notebook or just a note file memo in your phone whatever you prefer).

b. Have two tabs, one for work and one for home. The home life includes everything from church activities to other things we're involved in like Farm Bureau or different volunteer opportunities around our community.

C. When you think of something you need to do as soon as you get to that place (the corresponding tab), write it down on that to-do list under the correct tab. This allows you to forgo doing work things while you're at home and avoid doing home things while at work. This helps to slow down, lower mental stress and fog and helps you to get a lot more done.

***For parts 2 and 3 we have two task categories, needle movers and maintenance.

2. First thing, when you get to work (or home) do one "needle mover" task. "Needle movers" are the activities that help you get to your goal. They're the things that move the needle. For example, at home, if I'm trying to de-clutter, I make sure to clean out one drawer or maybe at work I'm trying to work on a new project, I do one thing that moves that project along. These are the things that get you to the goal, these are the same things that help you to feel like you actually accomplished something today.

3. After one needle mover activity, focus on maintenance. Maintenance for work looks like answering emails, making sure everything is going OK, doing the day-to-day things that just need to get done. Maintenance for home looks like dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning and all the things that go along with maintaining your home and family. Having these things differentiated in your mind will help you to feel like you're actually getting things done and moving toward your goals and you don't get so bogged down in 17 loads of laundry on the floor.

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