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7 Ways to Stay Focused on Faith Through Turmoil and Crisis

Faith is something that is really important to me and when I feel anxious or uncertain I know I need to recenter myself in faith.

Here are 7 Ways to Stay Focused on Faith Through a Crisis

1. Start and end each day with prayer

2. Daily Devotional-I love Pricella Shirer

3. Daily Gratitude Practice

4. Faith based podcasts-I love Bible Recap, That Sounds Fun by Annie F. Downs, or the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

5. Listen to worship music-I recommend Lauren Daigle and the What a Beautiful Name Radio on Pandora

6. Read faith based books-I absolutely love anythings by Max Lucado and another excellent book is called Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyon

7. Get your family involved-talk about faith together, share your bright spots, listen to podcasts or bible stories together

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