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How to Handle Strong Willed Kids Even Through Quarantine

Hang in there Mama's!

This too shall pass.

Here are my light bulb moments during this interview:

1. You know your kids, so be realistic about their schedule. Break activities into focus-able chunks of time (based on their age) and then allow them free time. Have a loose schedule so there is some sense of certainty in the midst of all the chaos.

2. Do something to make yourself feel human. . . put on lipstick.

3. Give your strong willed kids a choice, do you want to do your assignment now or in 10 minutes? Let them feel understood, let them have a little control, celebrate their wins.

I'm laughing at "cooked carrots or raw carrots! You get to choose". . . but you are eating a vegetable!

If you want to learn more about Megan's coaching practice for teens and young adults it's called 10,000 Swords Coaching. Check it out or on their Facebook Page

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