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5 Simple Daily Habits to Work From Home Successfully

Suddenly working from home?

It can get crazy, especially if you are sharing your new "office" with kids or your spouse.

These habits will make working from home easier, more productive, and will help you keep your sanity. Whether you have kids at home or not these habits will work for any age and stage of life.

1. Maintain some sort of a schedule. It's important for your own motivation and productivity to have one aspect of consistency amidst all the uncertainty surrounding covid 19. It's also helpful to set the expectation for others (kids, spouse, random in-law who thinks stopping by since your have so much "free time" is suddenly okay) that you will be working from 8-4 every day.

2. Have a designated office space that is set up correctly. Make sure your office is working for you, instead of against you. Get our free printable checklist here.

Seriously, these simple changes are easy and will change the way your body feels after a long day of work.

Make easy adjustments with Amazon boxes and old College Textbooks. This will lead to fewer headaches, back and shoulder soreness and even eye strain. Find out how HERE.

3. Do a daily gratitude practice. In the morning when coffee is brewing write down three bright spots, or good things, that happened yesterday.

Make these bright spots simple moments. When we recall a pleasant memory, then write it down, our bodies release a double dose of Dopamine. I call this the 3-D effect. It helps to re-wire your brain and tricks you into being a more positive and optimistic person.

4. Stay active throughout the day. Move your body, loosen up, or stretch for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. It makes you more productive, happier and healthier.

5. Choose joy, choose to have a growth mindset during this time. Be aware of your emotions, grieving, and perspective. It will help you be more patient with yourself, your team and your family members.

Working from home has its challenges, remember this too shall pass.

For questions or comments reach out to Sarah at

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