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11 Life Hacks to Simplify, Organize and De-clutter Your Home and Your Mind

Life doesn’t have to be this hard! Throughout the years I have been on a bit of a quest to find the things that make life easier. Here are some of my favorite 11 easy hacks to make life simpler, and help you to organize and de-clutter your home and your mind.

Let’s think for a minute, what toll is stress, disorganization and clutter taking on your mental, emotional, physical health. . . Not to mention your peace of mind?

Clutter on the outside makes for anxiety on the inside. I know that this is true, but sometimes I like to fight it!

One thing I have noticed is this yearning to organize is seasonal.

As we head into the fall big changes, our natural rhythms of life begin to shift. Nature begins to gather and prepare for winter and I like to get things in order on the Homefront as well.

These tips will help you to plan ahead and make each day easier.

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Life Hacks to Plan Ahead:

  1. -Have 5 meals ready to go with ingredients on hand, all the time

This is a lifesaver for me. I like to meal plan, not that I get everything cooked and ready mostly because I hate leftovers and always change my mind, but I try to have a plan for what I am going to eat that week. Sometimes, plans change, someone stops over or whatever I had planned doesn’t sound good anyone. So, I always have 5 backup meals with ingredients in my pantry just in case.

2. -Brainstorm 3 date night ideas and 3 family fun night ideas

Date nights and family game nights are important. We need to intentionally plan in fun and excitement or else life gets too boring and mundane.

Side Note: If you are an Enneagram fan, you probably noticed that my “seven” really shows in this one! My message for the whole is, everyone needs to let loose and have more fun.

3. -Organize your closets before you go shopping

This seems self-explanatory, but I am willing to bet most people don’t actually do it.

4. -Brainstorm: what are things that would be quickest and the least frustrating if you did them every day?

What things would be quickest and easiest if you batched them?

For example:

-Do one load of laundry per night

-Keep up on the dishes-at least once per day

-Meal prep your week-have a loose plan