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The 5 Biggest Mistakes I Learned When Researching and Healing My Pain

If you are starting to research and investigate your pain, headaches, migraines, stiffness, soreness or just that weird ache that won’t go away, then this post is for you.

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When I was diving deep into researching why I have pain, I made some huge

mistakes that really stopped me and held me back. I want to share them with you today because they made me feel discouraged, overwhelmed and downright hopeless.

First, I was in denial that there was a problem and thought it would all go away on its own I was constantly thinking “after this week things will slow down and it will go away on its own”.

Then I got a cold hard dose of reality when I realized I needed to focus on myself first, I needed to fill my cup before I could pour out to others.

My 5 mistakes were:

  1. I researched a million hours and convinced myself I was dying

  2. I got super discouraged when things didn’t work

  3. I took all the “advice” I received as cold and hard rules that were set in stone

  4. I didn’t take time to celebrate my wins or look how far I had come, how much progress I had made, celebrate those wins

  5. I thought I didn’t deserve or wasn’t worthy of finding a solution

One huge mindset shift I needed to make and probably the biggest myth about pain is that movement and exercise will not make it worse.

If you are having pain that is stopping you from living, slowing you down and making you feel helpless, stuck, frustrated or like you are drowning in overwhelm then you deserve to find a solution.

It’s not selfish, it’s not stupid, it’s not a waste of money, or time or energy or resources.

You have to focus on you first, because no one else is going to, this is the time.

3 Steps to Get Started in Healing Your Pain

1. Keep a journal-journal what works, what doesn’t work, your gratitude, your thoughts, feelings, boundaries, frustrations, and get it all out.

2. Try something that you know won’t hurt you: aka water, sleep, ya know. . .vegetables.

3. Focus on the things that help.

Pain management is a journey, it’s long and frustrating and sometimes hopeless but if you can keep in mind your progress, focus on your wins and never give up then you can find peace in healing.

Have a question? Don’t be a stranger, feel free to reach out!

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