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7 Ways to Lower Your Pain Even On Your Worst Days

One day my mom and I were sitting around a bon fire during a long weekend of camping. We were talking about how we wish everyone knew a few things when it came to pain relief and making yourself feel better on bad days.

So, as a self-proclaimed go-getter and hater of boredom, we created an online course that shows people the things that can help them do that. This weeks podcast episode is all about what you can do, even on your worst and most painful days to ease your pain and soreness.

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7 things to make even your most painful days better

1 Ice or heat- Find out which is the best for your type of pain. Ice is my go-to for almost everything. Ice is best for inflammation, injury, spasms, period cramps, headaches, etc. Heat is best for when you want to bring circulation to any area for example in arthritis or chronic long-term pain.

2 Self-care- Do something that you love. For example: Take a bath, color, do a puzzle, cuddle your dog, whatever makes you feel better.

3 Give yourself permission to do the bare minimum for the rest of the day. Get take out food, ignore the dishes or laundry, etc. As for work, do the tasks that are the least taxing and the least hard on your body, head, or pain.

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4 Exercise or stretch- If there is one thing that will make your pain worse, it’s laying in the same position all day. At some point throughout the day, get up and get moving. You don’t have to do something crazy but big gentle movements and stretching is best. Move the body parts that don’t hurt. Stretching your entire body will also help big time. Stretch all major muscle groups to loosen up your muscles, increase blood flow and circulation.

If you need help with ideas for stretching visit to get the Ultimate Guide to Stretching.

You can also visit our YouTube Channel HERE for videos that will help.

5 Water-Make sure you are not dehydrated, when we are dehydrated out entire body suffers. We tend to avoid drinking water because we don’t want to have to get up to use the restroom several times throughout the day so instead, we avoid drinking water and it makes everything feel more severe.

6 Essential oils-some essential oils have been proven to ease pain and soreness. Oils like lavender, eucalyptus, soothing blends, copaiba, deep blue, geranium, peppermint, tension blends, and rosemary can be used for pain relief. You can apply topically or diffuse and inhale.

7 Watch a funny movie- This one seems a little unconventional but laughing and finding joy in humor releases endorphins and anything that releases endorphins changes our perception of pain. Plus, it helps us to have a distraction and pass the time.

Bonus: Call a friend, I know it seems like a weird suggestion, however like we said above, anything that boosts our endorphins will decrease pain because it changes our perception of pain. There is also something called the psychosocial pain cycle. Check it out below: