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3 P’s of Stress Relief Plus 11 Journal Prompts to Help You Prioritize COVID Changes

3 P’s of Stress Relief Plus 11 Journal Prompts to Get You There

Last week we were on vacation in Florida and my laptop broke. Me, as a classic over reactor. . . .over reacted. I took it to Best Buy and the Geek Squad couldn’t help.

My natural born instincts to freak out kicked in, but first I got thinking. Last year, my laptop broke and I didn’t freak out. Why was this year so much different? It’s because this year, my laptop has everything for my life, my business and my students on it. Last year, the laptop itself did not have as important of a job.

Wow, have things changed in the past year. Not only with the outside world, but also with the meaning I give the things in my life. My priorities have changed, what I value has changed and how I think about the people and things around me have changed.

So, I decided to journal a little bit about it. Every time I journal, I do a brain dump then take a minute to look back at what I wrote. Almost always, I am surprised by the things I wrote down.

I was not surprised to discover that my computer is my lifeline. What I was surprised to discover, is that my business is higher on my priority list than it was a year ago. You see, when money gets tight, a paycheck is more important than it was before. Not to mention when I had to shift everything, I felt like I was on the brink of losing it all. When we fear of things being taken away, we value them more. This is why I value family more now, friends, colleagues, neighbors and the people in my life.

That wasn’t the only thing that changed.

Since we can’t gather in large groups or do anything with lots of people, doing fun things like concerts and festivals have also became less important. I really enjoy staying in and having a quiet night at home. I love my small girl’s nights, small get to gathers with friends, and hanging out with people one on one.

If we have done things this way for a year, we can easily continue.

So my challenge for you today is, evaluate what things have changed for you. There are three categories to evaluate.

What did January of 2020 look like for you?

What did the shutdown look like and feel like for you?

What have you learned since then?

I have put together several journal prompts for each of these questions if you would like to dive in deeper.

To download all 11 prompts just click HERE.