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3 Things You Can Expect at the Retreat

The Retreat for Women in Agriculture is coming up on Saturday, January 25th, 2020 from 10:00 am-4:00 pm at Leaman's Green Applebarn in Freeland, MI.

This week's video is about what you can expect from the retreat.

1. A cute sign that you make and take (you can choose from two designs)

2. Good food, friends, and fun

3. Tactical and easily applicable tips to reduce stress on your farm

Below is the retreat's agenda:

10:00 am Welcome and Introduction (Includes donuts and refreshments)

10:30 am Rise Activity

10:45 am Break out Session based on your roll on the farm

A. Women working in the Ag industry

B. Spouses who work on the farm

C. Spouses who work off the farm

D. You are the Farm-Her

11:15: am Stop Stress Now-Rest, Gratitude, and Anchoring

11:45 am Lunch-Provided Soup and Salads

12:00 pm Panel Discussion

12:15 pm Habits to Having Less Stress- Restore, Mindfulness, Wellness

12:30 pm Habits for a better marriage- Love Languages, boundaries, date night

12:45 pm Habits for stronger relationships among friends and community

1:30 pm Create Something: Art is for Everyone

4:00 pm Final discussion and closing

To register for the retreat go to


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