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7 Tips to Ease Soreness After a Long Days Work on the Farm

Spring means hard works, long days, and sore muscles are a part of spring cleanup.

Today's video is 7 tips to ease soreness after a long day's work gets the best of you.

1. Take a nice long shower or bath to relax sore muscles and put your mind at ease

2. Stretch -Download our Guide to Stretching on our website

3. Massage or foam roll sore muscles-any muscles that is sore or achy can be massaged or rolled to help ease deep muscles pain

4. Legs up the wall -this seems weird but trust me, it's awesome. Simply lay on your bed with your hips where your head normally goes, then simply rest your feet up the wall either on or above your headboard. It helps to stop your fight or flight response to help you find peace and calming, plus it's great for achy and sore legs and back.

5. Drink lots of water (half your body weight in ounces of water)

6. Go to bed early- when you are catching up on sleep it's much more effective to go to bed early than it is to sleep in. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep!

7. Keep moving- even if you are sore from over-doing it, laying on the couch and resting for more than a couple hours will make that pain and soreness worse.


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