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Remember Why You Love Farming-to Decrease Stress and Overwhelm

Let's face it, there is something about farming that you love.

Farming is hard, it's stressful, and it's frustrating. If there was nothing that you loved about farming then you would have quit by now.

Maybe it's the newborn calves, the opportunity to work with family, or the fact that you get to work in nature and not cooped up in an office.

However these are also the same things that cause us stress.

Getting up at 2 am to calve - exhausting

Working with family - stressful

Nature / weather- frustrating

If we can re-frame the things that cause us the most stress into the same things that you love, then it helps us to stay more calm during the stressful parts. How do we do this?

Every morning and however often you need to be reminded throughout the day, simply repeat out loud "I love ______ about farming"

When we hear ourselves say it, we are more likely to believe it. Our brains work to filter in information that confirms what we already believe to be true. It's called confirmation bias. As long as we say it to ourselves, our brain does the work to find evidence to prove it.

If you can make this a habit to incorporate into your daily routine then you are more likely to remain calm, cool, and collected even when things go astray.


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