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5 Tricks That Help You to Have Less Pain

5 Tricks That Help You to Have Less Pain, Plus Two Things to Avoid That Make Your Pain Worse

We all know of an athlete or someone or someone else who has an extremely high pain tolerance.

But how do you actually build a higher pain tolerance?

Let's start with two things that make pain seem more severe.

1. A poor night sleep, or not enough sleep

2. Long term pain medication use (We are not going into the opioid topic today, however we will talk more about in in Conquer Your Pain, so stay tuned)

Now, here are 5 things that make your pain tolerance better, these are the things that will lessen the severity of your pain over the long term.

1. Daily Exercise

2. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet -Things like berries, salmon, and dark leafy greens

3. Visualizations and meditation

4. Having a strong social support system both at home and with your friends

5. A Hobby or way to get creative

Let us know the things that help your pain to feel better in the comments below.


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