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Hi, I'm Sarah,

I teach people how to manage stress, headaches and chronic pain!
Say what? Yes! I teach people who to conquer their pain, have more energy and manage stress so they can cultivate more peace and joy 

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Helping you manage stress, have less pain and live a more joyful life with:



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The Workshop for Less Stress

Conquer Your Pain

Online Course

Speaking Engagements

Is Your Office Setup Hurting You?

Do you have eye strain, head, neck, or back pain? Maybe your office set up is not conducive to working for long periods of time. We can come on-site to do an ergonomics assessment and give pointers. Proper mechanics are better for your body and mind, make sure your office is not harming you.

Lunch and Learn

Be the best leader by helping your team de-stress and get healthier. Discuss stress, nutrition, exercise, and mental focus which contribute to increased workplace productivity.

Wellness Blog

Daily Stretch Routine to Reduce Stress and Sleep Better

May 13, 2020

5 Smart Shifts That Turn Your Daily Afternoon Walk Into a Stress Relieving Oasis

May 6, 2020

11 Ways to Be Mindful this Mindfulness Week

April 20, 2020

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