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11 Ways to De-Stress this December

11 Ways to De-Stress this December

I don’t think I need to tell you how stressful December is. What I do need to share, is how to lower your stress level so you can actually enjoy the holidays.

11 Ways to lower your stress level

1. Get more vitamin D. The majority of people in the northern states have Seasonal Affective disorder or SAD. Getting enough vitamin D is crucial for a healthy body and mind, not to mention it gives you energy and helps you to feel happier. I take a vitamin D supplement and try to get lots of foods rich in Vit. D.

2. Exercise- endorphins make us happier. Also, exercise give us more energy, helps our immunity and helps us to be healthier all around.

3. Music-listening to music is one of the most powerful external tools that you can use to change your mood. Music elicits a feeling and we can use a specific song or playlist to help us achieve whatever we want to feel. For example: relaxed, energized, happy, nostalgic or festive with Christmas spirit.

4. Create something- everyone needs to create, the problem is, we don’t make it a priority. Do something creative every week.

5. De-clutter one area-pick a table, drawer, or corner where things tend to pile up and cut down on the mess. Clutter in our home means anxiety in our mind, fortunately it’s an easy fix.

6. Decorate- in episode number #33 Lori Fischer teaches us about how our home furnishings and home décor effect our stress and mental health. Put up some lights, a Santa or two and deck the halls!

7. Do something that will make you joyful-watch a great movie or do an activity that you know will make you happier.

8. Socialize-call a friend, write a letter, send a card or do something that makes you feel loved by other people.

9. Drink your water and get 5 fruits and veggies per day! Need help with the water? Go to and download the water worksheet for ideas to make water less boring, our signature water tracker and the best tip for how to never forget to drink your water again.

10. Tend to something living (kids and spouse don’t count) get a houseplant or a betafish! Seriously in episode #14 Christina Majoinen teaches us about how having greenery or nature helps our productivity, stress level and overall home feeling.

11. Laugh a little every day-look up a joke, have a laugh contest with your family or search #funny on social media to intentionally bring joy and laughter to your life.

Also, if you are really struggling right now, make sure you are getting up at a regular time, taking your medication and vitamins consistently, showering, and getting ready for the day. A simple routine is so powerful when it comes to improving our mental health.

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