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3 Ways to Know if You are Living in Alignment with Your Purpose and Calling

3 Ways to Know if You are Living in Alignment with Your Purpose and Calling

About this time last year Zack and I were in Florida and I was struggling. I listened to a podcast about your true calling and it left me with a gaping hole inside. The truth was, I loved what I did, I loved teaching exercise and meeting with clients but I knew it wasn’t my highest calling. I felt like I had so much more to give.

Up until this point everything had felt like a stepping stone. I just didn’t know where the stepping stones were leading me. Not only that, but I kept praying for direction or some sign from God to know that I was on the right track and it was like my prayers were blocked. Not hearing anything back is normal, right? However, I felt like they weren’t getting through, like I couldn’t even focus enough to finish a prayer let alone listen to what God was putting on my heart.

So, I prayed “Lord, let me know that you are there”. I prayed this in a random Sarasota Walmart as I begrudgingly followed my husband to the fishing and tackle isle.

Wouldn’t you know, before I could say Amen, the song Rise Up by Andra Day came on the radio. Funny, I hadn’t even noticed the music before. I also thought it was odd that Walmart radio played this song. I became overjoyed as this song poured over me.

So of course, true to Sarah fashion, I started crying in the fishing and tackle isle of Walmart. I read that sign loud and clear. Thank you, Lord.

Sometimes emptiness changes the way we feel about everything. Emptiness that can only be filled with light. The light of our creator and what He sent us here to do, our true purpose.

This week on the podcast our guest is Anne Shoshana Deakter. We sit down and talk about her signature program The Soul’s True Fulfillment Formula.

To listen to the whole episode, click HERE.

3 Ways to Know Your True Calling to Reach Fulfillment and Alignment

Before we get started, Anne explains that you must answer a series of questions.

What are your strengths?

What lights your soul on fire?

What is your favorite thing to do?

What are you excited about sharing with the world?

What gives you energy?

Plus, my favorite, if you could teach the world one thing, what would it be?

1. When something gives you energy or makes you lose track of time, that’s when a passion turns into purpose.

For me, I get lost talking with, and meeting new people. I could listen, ask questions to, and talk with a stranger for hours. I love coaching and working with people to find solutions to their biggest problems. My purpose is finding practical ways to make people’s lives easier, more intentional and more joyful.

2. You cannot run away from your calling

Anne explains how we get many chances to fulfill our calling and sometimes it can be a painful lesson to learn. When our calling comes knocking and we ignore it, it comes knocking louder, it bangs down the door or event burns the house down. This can be a painful lesson to learn and you may feel stuck until you realize it.

3. You will notice recurring themes.

Do you ever notice how some things circle back around and keep popping up? If you ignore your calling then eventually it will give you a second, third and fourth chance to get on board. We tend to be stubborn, scared, or simply think that isn’t not the right time. We say no to opportunities and sometimes, if it’s the right thing for us, that opportunity circles back around and gives us another chance to hop on board.

My message for you today is, pay attention to the things that light your soul on fire. Spend time with it, sit with it and if you feel like it takes you from feeling passionate to purposeful, then run with it. The Lord with show you the way.

Feeling stressed, out of alignment or like things shouldn’t be this hard? Life Coaching with Sarah can help you with practical tools to lower your stress, have more energy and help you live more intentionally along the way. Book a free discovery call to find out more HERE.

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