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3 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

I absolutely love the new year because it is fun to look back at the year past. Although, this year I am mostly laughing at all of the goals that didn’t happen in 2020. (lol to that!) I also love to visualize the next year, make a vision board and set some goals.

Resolutions simply don’t work for me. . . unless keeping them through January 5th counts as success.

Goals however, where I can reverse engineer a plan to achieve them work great. If you are wanting more information about how exactly to set goals, achieve them and how to create a step-by-step plan to smash your 2021 goals, then stay tuned. I am going to do a workshop on how to set goals and achieve your goals.

Before we can talk about 2021 let’s reflect and journal about 2020. The reason is, 2020 was really difficult for everyone and if we breeze past and into the new year without journaling through the good, the bad and what it all means moving forward, then we repress the entire year and miss out on the growth that can happen because of hard times.

Personally, I think it really helps to find meaning and purpose in hard times. Journaling through the following questions can be beneficial in processing through everything that did, or did not happen, how you feel about it and how to move forward.

Refection questions for 2020

1. What was the worst part of 2020 and why?

2. What was the best part?

3. What did you learn in general? What did you learn about yourself?

4. How can you take what you learned and use it to grow?

5. How are you going to take what you learned and move forward in 2021?

2. Choose a word and a direction for the new year

My word for 2021 is focus. My question for you is, what is your word and direction for 2021?

3. How to create a vision board for 2021

Step 1. Close your eyes and envision the next year

Step 2. Find pictures either in magazines or online that show your dream coming to reality

Step 3. Hang it somewhere you will see every single day

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