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5 Ways to Have More Energy All Day Long

“Sarah, how do you have so much energy?” I hear it all the time, people say I want to feel energized so I can get more done and have more time to relax or do some self-care at the end of a crazy day. But, how do you get more energy? Can we “get” more energy or do we have to make it?

I have a super high energy level but it wasn’t always this way.

When I worked for MMR, I slept all the time. Fortunately, I had a job where I could sleep and take naps when there was nothing else going on. Before that, I used to take a nap a few days a week, especially in college. I used to be tired all the time, and while naps are great, we can’t always depend on them.

When I got my first 9-5 job, that quickly ended and I had to figure out how to actually stay awake for the whole day. What a challenge, right?

Fortunately, I got it together and not have a few routines and tricks to help me keep a high energy level throughout the day. Now, I teach people to do the same.

This week we are talking about the 5 things that give me energy and help to keep my energy level up for the whole day.

To listen to this week’s podcast episode click HERE.

5 Ways to Get More Energy and Energize Throughout the Day

1. Get enough sleep at night, most people need between 7.5 - 8.5 hours. The foundation of energy is rest!

This goes without saying, we all need to get enough sleep if we are going to have a fighting chance at having long lasting energy. With that being said, “trying” to sleep doesn’t always work. To hear about how to get more sleep listen to episode # 22 with Sleep Expert Janet Whalen by clicking HERE.

2. Exercise every day

Some people claim that morning exercise gives them all day energy. I totally agree with this, however I prefer afternoon exercise. I plan to exercise because I know that I get a huge crash in my energy level after lunch. So, I plan in exercise mid-afternoon to override that crash. This also helps me to separate my day, and compartmentalize my stressors.

3. Move 20 seconds every 20 minutes, stretch, adjust your eyes, and use the restroom because you are drinking enough water, right?

If you need help remembering to drink your water, download our free Water Worksheet at

We need to move around during the day, between sore muscles, a stiff neck, eye strain and using the restroom. we need frequent breaks. Plan to move 20 seconds every 20 minutes to keep your energy level high all day long.

4. Eat balanced snacks and don’t rely on caffeine

Replying on caffeine can actually cause our caffeine receptors to become desensitized. This means that we have to take in more caffeine to feel the effects and that becomes a slippery slope. Of course, it can also cause issues with sleeping at night.

In addition to limiting caffeine, eating balanced snacks can help. Balanced snacks is a funny phrase but we have all heard of a balanced diet. A balanced diet is simply where you get a good mix of protein, carbs, and fats. Therefore, a balanced snack is simply a snack with all three macronutrients. This helps us because it creates lasting energy and we feel full and satisfied.

Some of my go-to snacks are trail mix, ants on a log (raisins & peanut butter on celery), or fruit & nuts.

5. Act the way you want to feel, dance, move, energize your body, and get things done

Gretchen Rubin is a researcher and author. She came up with a concept that basically says that if you want to feel a certain way, sometimes you have to act in a way that will help to elicit those feelings. The feelings come after the action is taken.

Let’s think for a minute, what would you do if you had more energy? Would you tackle something on your to-do list, do something extra, or do some self-care?

Then, do those things. Your body will give you the energy once you get started to continue a task in most cases. Get started and the energy needed will follow.

You can also use other tools to help.

I teach all of my clients to have a pump-up playlist. This is a playlist with songs that help you to feel energized. I can’t listen to the song “Pump It” without dancing, same thing with the song “Let It Go” from Frozen.

Music is one of the only external things that we can play anytime we need, which is designed to elicit a certain feeling. So, if you want to feel energized, play a song that helps you feel energized.

Having energy throughout the day is easier if you keep your energy level up the whole day. We all know the Law of Inertia, an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Plan on maintaining energy throughout the day and make sure that you set timers to help automate this process. You can use the Reminders App in your phone and computer.

You don’t have to do each of these things every day. Chose a few that sound interesting and try to implement them a few times per day.

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Thanks for listening!

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