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How to Feel "God Moments" and Every Day Miracles

How to Feel God Moments and Every Day Miracles

God is with us every day; he cares about the smallest moments in our lives but sometimes it’s hard to feel his presence. Since Jesus is the reason for the season, I wanted to talk about how to feel God moments and nudges. In the podcast episode for this week I highlighted some listener stories from you guys. To listen to the whole episode, click HERE.

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There is nothing that lights me up like feeling the hand of God in my life. I love the first few hours in the morning because I always start by spending some time in gratitude followed by some time in my bible. I read a few verses, do a daily devotional and then pray.

A great way to start out the day is with a daily gratitude practice. See how I do it HERE.

If you are interested in starting to read the bible but you don’t know where to begin, I started out reading the book of Matthew, which is the beginning of the new testament. Then I kept on reading all the way through the gospels. The gospels are the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

How did I decide to do this? I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts called ‘That Sounds Fun’ by Annie F. Downs and she recommended this to her listeners. So, I figured I would give it a try.

Every day (or at least that was my goal) I read a few verses. I don’t try to read a certain amount or a whole chapter, I simply read until I feel like something hits close to home or I learn something. In the gospels, it talks about Jesus’ life and the stories of his teachings, healing, and faith. There are hundreds of parallels between his stories in the bible and the things I need clarity on, direction or just a reminder that Jesus is always with me.

After I feel like something hits close to home or I have some sort of message then I write it down in my devotional. Then I start to read that day’s message. The devotional I am reading right now is called 100 Days of Bible Promises by Shanna Noel.

Nine times out of ten, the passage that I read in the bible somehow corresponds to the message in the devotional. Especially if I am having a bad day, negative thoughts or am struggling in some way, doing this morning routine really helps me because I am sure to have some sort of message or reassurance from God.

3 Ways to cling to Jesus in Hard Times download the free printable HERE

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