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How to Reduce Anxiety before Christmas and Keep Calm During the Holiday Madness

How to Reduce Anxiety before Christmas and Keep Calm During the Holiday Madness

This week Jamie and I follow up from our requested topic from last week. The question was, how to I begin to set boundaries especially with in-laws, when they make manipulative or condescending comments about my children and my parenting style?

Jamie Molnar is a licensed therapist and has 15 years of clinical experience. She works primarily with clients that grew up in alcoholic family systems, have been children of narcissistic parents and people who struggle as adults. She helps people who are empaths and HSPs, which are common traits of those that grew up in dysfunctional or unsafe family systems.

This week on the podcast was part 2 with Jamie Molnar. Listen to the whole podcast HERE.

Before reading this post, it might be helpful to read the blog post from last week, it’s called 3 Steps to Set Boundaries This Holiday Season with Difficult Family Members to read the whole article click HERE.

A few things to keep in mind:

3 Ways to prepare for a holiday party when you know it will be difficult

a. Pay attention to your dreams

If you are having bad dreams or nightmares about what might happen during the holidays then the best thing to do is pull out your paper and pen. Journal through what happened in your dream, how it made you feel, and what reservations or concerns it brings up.

b. Pay attention to your body

The mind, body, spirit connection is huge and if we can pay attention to our body, especially the tension we carry through our shoulders, neck and any headaches we may be having, then it helps us to process through and prepare ourselves ahead of time.

Jamie says “Your issues are in your tissues” meaning if we can be self-aware and identify what issues, anxiety, or changes are happening then we can utilize that mind, body, spirit connection and dial in what we need to do to heal.

c. Do self-care on the front end. Before the party do some things that you know will put you in a good place, fill your cup or just in general give you more inner peace. For example: go to church, journal, do a gratitude practice, get creative, exercise, pamper yourself, have coffee with a friend, etc.